Agape is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Our Impact

Because of the generous financial support from individuals, businesses, and churches, Agape continues to provide scholarship funding through The Ann Noonan Scholarship Fund.  Agape is honored to support veterans and first responders, survivors of abuse, those who are unable to afford professional mental health services, and children. Thank you for making an impact that is not only changing lives but creating an avenue where everyone has access to mental health care.

Support for Warriors

Veterans, fire fighters, police officers, and other first responders protect our cities, states, and country.  We believe they deserve the best care possible.  Agape is committed to ensuring these warriors have access to confidential and professional mental health services.   

Survivors of Abuse

Agape provides mental health services for individuals who have experienced some type of abuse such as domestic violence or intimate partner abuse, sexual assault, or human trafficking.  Be a beacon of hope during their journey to recovery and healing.

Mitigating Hardships

We believe everyone should have access to mental health resources, regardless of their ability to pay.  Our scholarship fund helps individuals with low income, no health insurance, and those who have experienced a hardship such as loss of job, severe illness, or natural disaster.

Creating a Legacy

Children are the foundation of our future.  Your support helps children who are in difficult situations and are in need of mental health services.  Agape serves children who have experienced traumatic events such as abuse, homelessness, family addiction, or the incarceration of a parent.  

Impact of Scholarships


During 2022, the number of scholarship recipients has increased nearly 5 times since last year!

A Client's Words

“Without a scholarship, I would never have been able to afford counseling.  Thank you for making it possible to receive the help I need.”   -Agape Client

Agape is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.