Parental Expectations

How your Parental Expectations May Be Sabotaging Your ChildBy Chudney Drew, MA, LPCAClose your eyes and think back to the day your child was born. Remember the moment your eyes locked with one another and the feeling of holding one of God’s greatest gifts for the first time. Did you imagine looking into the innocent [...]

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Teen Suicide

Teen Suicide - Causes, Warning Signs and Prevention Listen to the recent interview with Dr. Galina Olivera-Celdran on the topic of teen suicide. Galina serves as an Executive Director and Therapist at Agape Christian Counseling. In her interview for BBN radio, she answered questions about the possible reasons for rising rates for teen suicides, [...]

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When to Seek Counseling for Your Child

By Galina Olivera-Celdran, PhD, LPCS, LCAS Every child experiences occasional problems at home or at school. It could be a conflict with a teacher over turning homework in too late; a fight with a sibling over sharing their favorite toy; a disagreement with a parent over limiting their TV time. Moving, changing schools, or facing [...]

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