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Grief How to Help Support a Grieving Friend or Loved One By Robyn Nicholson, MA, LPC If you live long enough, you will experience loss...loss of a job, a pet, a dream, your health, your youth, a relationship, your financial stability, your spouse or your child or your parent. Each loss we experience leaves a [...]


Don’t be an Elvis Bear

By Ervin Barham, Agape Business Manager This is Elvis Bear (note the cool sideburns). He doesn’t have a lot to worry about in his finances because he basically hangs out on my credenza. However, those of us who are human have responsibilities when it comes to finances. One of our responsibilities as managers of God’s [...]

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To Know and Be Known – the mindset of Premarital Therapy

By Misty R. Lawrence, LMFTA, LPCA, MMFT I love to see the delighted faces of engaged couples as they enter the therapy room. It is a picture of hope, joy, and eagerness at the thought of marriage and a life together. Establishing a solid foundation in a premarital relationship is the first step towards a [...]

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